When Orgasm Is No Good For You

orgasmWhy People Experience a Little “O” Instead of a Big One

Ah, orgasm! The ultimate goal of a sexual episode. Yet, many people know that sex, and even orgasm, can be less than fulfilling. Why are people so shy to talk about their less than ecstatic experiences along these lines? One reason is that there is very little information out there regarding the “orgasm energy suck” and “toxic orgasms.”

How do these less than rewarding type of orgasms occur? To begin with anytime a sexual experience is forced, or leaves one or both partners feeling confused, manipulated, or used, the orgasm experienced during sex has become toxic in nature. After all, orgasm is an energy exchange between two people, and if the spiritual, mental, or emotional psyche of one or both people is disrupted in the sexual energy exchange, how can the orgasm be anything but toxic in nature because of this?

Toxic Orgasms

Think of it this way. An orgasm between two people is in essence a blending of two people’s energy systems (and by the way sex includes phone sex, oral sex, anal sex, and masturbating each other. The increasingly popular idea that sex is only related to intercourse is ridiculous. Remember sex, and especially orgasm, is a shared exchange of energy).

People who understand this begin to care a lot more about who they are blending their energy with. They want to know what’s in the box underneath the pretty wrapping paper. They are far more concerned about what will be injected into their energy field during a sexual encounter. If they are not discerning in this way (and therefore far more careful concerning who they chose to have sex with), they will be subjected to being polluted through sex because they will be experiencing toxic orgasms.

Signs Of Pollution Resulting From Toxic Orgasms

How do people know that their energy systems have been polluted by blended their energy systems in an unhealthy way with others, prodcuing toxic orgasms because of it? Here are some clues:

  1. They will begin to feel sexually inhibited and increasingly unwilling or undesiring of sex due to having felt overly polluted by toxic orgasms and toxic sex.
  2. They will turn sex into an act of power seeking now to dominate others through sex so that they will not feel dominated or violated in return.
  3. They will feel powerless from having been drained by too many toxic orgasms and will resort to becoming overly needy, dependent, and submissive during sex because they no longer feel they deserve anything better since they now become so polluted.
  4. They will become seductive and manipulative during sex acting like energy vampires who “suck” the energy out of others through orgasm. In short, they atempt to steal the vibrant energy of others during orgasm, while knowingly trading the vibrant energy they receive for their own lower, much more toxic, energy level.
  5. They will feel drained physically, become emotionally unstable or flat, and mentally confused and dull due to having their energy system overly polluted by toxic sex.

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