The Secret to the Best Sex Ever

People may be having more sex, using more sexual positions and props, and having more partners, but the quality of their sex life may actually be going dramatically down. How can this be? Because as many experts know “High Sex” or the greatest sex experiences require intimacy and love.

How Intimacy Enhances Sex

It’s simple! The “Big O” (orgasm) that so many people aim for and enjoy in sex, is actually a movement of energy throughout the body. The fewer blocks in the body, the farther and deeper an orgasm travels, and the more intense it becomes. Blocks are created through mental, emotional, and physical trauma, and they are only removed through intimacy, compassion, and love.

How Blocks Inhibiting Orgasm Are Created

Sadly, one of the primary ways blocks are created is through abusive sexual experiences. Anytime anyone becomes involved in a sexual experience (such as in incest and rape) that is forced, confused, manipulated, or violent in nature, the soul of the individual is violated. Disruption within their mental and emotional psyches typically follows sometimes requiring a lifetime (and maybe even never) to heal.

The effects of these disruptions are seen in sexual inhibition, unhealthy involvement in dominant and submissive sex, and exploitation of others through intimidating and seductive activites. Sure, the body may respond and produce orgasm during forced, confused, manipulated, and even violent sex. But, that kind of orgasm (or energy flow through the body), typically releases toxins throughout the person experiencing it. Orgasm as toxic? Doesn’t seem possible! Here is how it can be so!

Toxic Orgasms.

Think of it this way. An orgasm between two people is in essence a blending of two people’s energy systems (and by the way sex includes phone sex, oral sex, anal sex, and masturbating each other. The increasingly popular idea that sex is only related to intercourse is ridiculous. Remember sex, and especially orgasm, is a shared exchange of energy). One of the reasons people used to take a long time to get to know each other before having sex is precisely because they were attempting to discern what kind of person they were blending their energy with. Yes, he may have a hot sexy body, but a violent temper may be lurking underneath.

And, she may wow others with looks, charms, and her femininity, but her insecurities and manic/depressive tendencies may soon become a nightmare. Of course, most people think these personality problems only matter once people become attached to each other. (And, by the way, love comes about through a process of healthy attachments).

But, when orgasm is viewed as an energy exchange it doesn’t matter whether a relationship develops after sex. Each partner has absorbed some level of the other person’s qualities through sex — for better, or worse!

Ways Intimacy Removes These Blocks

This psychic recognition that one has absorbed the qualities of the other individual during sex, is precisely why “junk food sex” leaves people feeling so unsatisfied and even sad and angry after a sexual experience. Intimacy resolves this because…

  • Intimacy requires partners to take time to get to know one another
  • Intimacy respects free will and avoids the use of force or seduction during sex
  • Intimacy involves a growing sensitivity to the other person’s feelings and deeper spiritual needs
  • Intimacy leads to real love, and real love removes blocks throughout the body producing extremely more satisfying orgasms, even when very little stimulation is involved.

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