Finding a Balance : More Simplistic Family Lifestyle

Embracing a more simplistic lifestyle means balancing the time between work and more quiet domains of life. Bringing back simplicity means reconnecting with extended family and friends and rediscovering the pleasure in the small things you used to do for yourself. In this article, we’ll focus on several ideas for introducing simplicity back into your life.

How can you adopt a more simplistic lifestyle?

Simplicity is a state of mind and a state of being. It is a concept embedded in the here and now. Take advantage of small moments that allow you to give more of yourself to your family without feeling restricted and bound to a schedule.

Here are a few ideas for starters:

  • take a walk with your child on a nature trail.
  • invigorate the five senses
  • reflect and relive memories with an old friend or family member
  • Practice gratefulness for living: a wholesome attitude that comes from within.
  • Meditate, find your own serenity prayer
  • Sit and write in your journal.
  • Make a special time out for family and friends.

Experiment but Enjoy Your Time

Give yourself a week to two to experiment with your new goals.

Do you notice any changes? Are you expending your energy well? Are your goals feasible? Do you have time to pursue old pastimes and still nurture your family on a level that is satisfying to everyone involved?

Time with your family cannot be measured on a chart. Make those moments count!

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