Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship

Relationships are complicated regardless of the circumstances. The added issue of distance can put a strain on even the strongest couple. When couples live in different cities, states or countries than each other, it takes a great deal of commitment and planning to maintain intimacy through distance. With lots of effort and planning, a long-distance relationship can endure.

Couples Need to Talk Every Day

Although talking on the phone every single day is not always a possibility, it is important to communicate as much as possible during the period of separation. Handwritten letters, video messaging and texting are great ways to keep in contact that don’t require both partners being available at the same time. Make an effort to speak on the phone as often as possible, and try to incorporate video chat if possible. It’s a great alternative to talking on the phone and maintaining visual contact is very important.

Partners Should Continue to Go on Dates

Just because partners aren’t physically together doesn’t mean they can’t have a “date night”. Set aside a substantial amount of time every so often, and spend it together doing something special. Whether it’s simultaneously watching a movie or a favorite television show together or preparing the same recipe and comparing tasting notes, it’s good to step out of the box of typical conversation and do something different.

Lovers Must Learn to Trust Each Other

Trust is the single most important element in a long-distance relationship. Without it, relationships are almost certainly going to fail. Make sure to continue open and honest communication at all times. Confide in each other on a regular basis to build trust.

It is also essential that both parties agree on and are completely comfortable with the terms of the relationship during separation. Was there an agreement to remain monogomous, or is it an option to other people? Be honest, and don’t be afraid to reveal all. Transparency is the key to building trust while separated.

Couples Should Try to Visit Each Other Regularly

Maintaining a physical connection is important, although getting together is not always an option during the course of every long-distance relationship. If it is possible, plan to see each other as often as it is feasible. During visits, optimize the limited time together by planning romantic outings and activities and allowing lots of time for kissing, cuddling and physical intimacy.

Couples Need to Plan for the Future

In order to make a long-distance relationship work, it is important to know that both parties are on the same page when it comes to the future. How long is too long to be apart? If a couple agrees to a six month separation, and months later one party wants to extend the term, there will understandably be friction. Try to agree on an end, and plan accordingly.

All relationships take effort and sometimes sacrifice to succeed. Communication, trust, regular physical contact and the ability to look towards the future are necessary for any partnership. These same aspects for couples in long-distance relationships, though, are especially vital. With committed partners, lots of love and trust, a long-distance relationship can grow and thrive like any other.

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