Sexuality and Spirituality

Spirituality and sexualityUnderstanding the true purpose of sex.

It has become a new age phenomenon to refer to sexuality as something spiritual, perhaps because it just sounds good. But the truth of the matter is that many don’t understand how true and deep this concept really is. Mainly, this is because the true essence of spirituality isn’t something that is fully understand in the mainstream. Most people see spirituality as righteous behavior or a strict adherence to religious doctrine. And when this misunderstanding is merged with a skewed understanding of the purpose of sex, we have what we see today, a sexually empty society, emotionally unfulfilled.

Spirituality… in a nutshell

So lets begin by taking a look at what spirituality really is. Spirituality is the state of communing and experiencing an altered state of consciousness, through certain techniques and practices, for the purpose of accessing truth, enlightenment, power and peace. In order to reach this state of consciousness, the seven main chakras or energy centers must be activated, from the base of the spine up to the crown chakra. One way to achieve this is through meditation techniques, and the other is through sex.


The next question should be, what is sex? Well, it isn’t solely a means of procreation or a release of sexual tension. It is really and truly a merging of the masculine and feminine in order to create a union of spirit. The term marriage actually comes from this merge of sexual duality into a oneness for the purpose of awakening and enlivening the soul.


Tantra, which is the study of sacred sex, teaches practical applications for creating this sort of androgyny, or spiritual union of masculine and feminine energies. For instance, it is quite common for men to become so focused on achieving climax that they orgasm via ejaculation.

What happens is that the woman not only keeps her feminine energy, but she also absorbs his energy, as well, leaving him depleted and unbalanced. This is problematic because spiritually, sexuality should be used to balance the feminine and masculine within themselves, individually. Tantra teaches techniques for the man to strengthen his ability to orgasm without ejaculating, therefore he begins to draw in her feminine essences, balancing, strengthening and energizing him to go out into the world and be more enlightened and productive: a warrior.

Sex Magic

To begin sexual ritual, it is necessary to find a shared focus, whether it be for a baby, healing or an improved quality of life. In the book “The Art of Sexual Magic” Margo Anand encourages lovers, magicians, to create a mental symbol that represents the focus point during the love making.

Utilizing breathing techniques, erotic positions and sensual caressing can begin to alter one’s mind and lift it to an altered awareness. At the point of orgasm bring the shared symbol to the forefront of the mind and focus on it. The magical explosion releases the symbol into our holographic universe quickening the chances of receiving the spiritual request. This is the art of sexual magic, for the purpose of spiritual edification.

Sexuality is one of the most powerful forces of the universe, as it is the energy of creation. Through this energy, many things can be manifested from human life to world peace, if understood correctly and used properly. Maybe this is why we are all so magnetized by the force of its power.

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