Michael has something special for me

Does sex make or break a relationship? If you asked me that question years ago, I would probably have given a different answer. Now, being with Michael, I sing a different tune. My answer would be a loud, resounding yes. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’d give up easily. I love my man and I don’t think I can just stop caring for him.

I just had difficulty accepting the fact that he wasn’t fulfilling my sexual needs. You see, about 6 months ago, Michael’s health went downhill. His sugar levels were high and we found out that he suffered from type 2 diabetes. He was stressed. He had to change his diet and make major adjustments in his lifestyle. This made him tense because he had to think about practically everything he did. At night, he couldn’t seem to perform. We’d attempt to have sex but he couldn’t make his erections last longer than 5 minutes. As you know, girls need time to get excitement. By the time foreplay was over, he was done too, while I was just getting started.

A lot of the times, I’d find myself crying. Being intimate made me feel closer to him. I was there for Michael whenever he’d go to the doctor. I’d stay by his side whenever he’d get depressed. Still, I felt as if I wasn’t doing enough.

The good thing is that Michael was just as eager to finding a solution as I was. He walked up to me one day and said, “Becca, help me find a solution. We can talk to doctors and you can also do your research on the internet.”

I couldn’t have been more excited. We didn’t want to go for Viagra. We felt as if it was such a potent medicine. I wanted an organic, safer, and more effective solution. This is why I stumbled upon a product called Spanish Fly LOVE. I did my research and was more satisfied with what I read. The ingredients were safe, and more importantly, the reviews were glowing. I did what any desperate girl would do, I whipped out my credit card and placed my order. Yes! I somehow knew we finally had he help we so needed and wanted.

While we waited for our order to arrive, I planned a day of romance and sex for Michael and I. I booked a flight to Hawaii to surprise him, made reservations in the fanciest restaurant for dinner, and purchased the sexiest lingerie I could find in Victoria’s Secret. I was more than ready. In fact, I could feel the excitement happening between my legs just thinking about the potentially amazing sex we’ll be having.

After a couple of weeks, we had our luggage in tow, Spanish Fly LOVE safely tucked, and ready to board the airplane. We decided to start our date by talking dirty. The plane was packed, so unfortunately, we couldn’t get some action up in the sky. Still, I waited until we landed and checked into our room. I had my dress on and Michael looked dapper in his casual chinos. We had dinner and talked about taking an early diving adventure the next day. That is, of course, after we’ve had sex.

We paid the bill and went straight to our room. We slowly undressed each other and I already felt Michael tensing up. He was getting excited but he knew that his erection wouldn’t last long.

“Shhh, just relax,” I whispered in his ear. I took out the tube of Spanish Fly LOVE and slathered a little on his shaft. Then, I told him to wait as I readied myself in the bathroom. It really didn’t take me long. Since I already had my makeup on, I simply slipped into a black bra and matching pair of black panties that held together matching thigh high stockings. I spritzed some perfume behind my ears and out I went.

To my surprise, Michael was hard and ready. In fact, harder than I’ve seen him in months. But the best part of it all was the smile I saw on his face. He couldn’t believe how quickly the solution worked for him.

As I stared at Michael in all his naked glory, I couldn’t help but feel my heart beat faster than usual. This was going to be one special night and I was going to make sure that he felt just as wonderful as I would so that this wasn’t going to be the last of it.

So, I walked over to Michael and slowly turned around so he could enjoy my sexy lingerie and so I could bask in his admiring stare. His gaze never left me and without us even realizing it, we were kissing on rolling on the floor. We couldn’t even wait to get to bed. We needed sex right there and then. Screw the bed! That can wait.

He tore my lingerie and even if I spent for it, the reaction that I got from him was worth every penny. I licked him all over. He returned the favor and we were both breathing heavily, like horny teenagers who just came upon the realization that sex was a wonderful act. The foreplay was short and effective, the sex was hard and fast. We were breathing so heavily after that we could’ve easily burned a few hundred calories.

Just as I was about to get up, Michael pulled me back down to the floor. He told me that he wasn’t done with me just yet. I was amazed. How far and long can this guy go? I found out that night. If sex were a marathon, we would have won the contest hands down. The best part of it all is that we were both in the mood. We were starved for so long that we couldn’t just get enough of each other. We had around 3 rounds on the floor before we got hungry once again and ordered room service.

We had eaten every bite of our second dinner when I saw the glint in Michael’s eyes come back. Since we had strawberries for dessert, he decided to drizzle some on my body. I didn’t want to be outdone and decided to do the same for him. We were sticky, sweaty, and oh so aroused. We didn’t care that we got chocolate in every strange place in our body. We were ready to lick the sweetness off each other. We did it on the couch, on the balcony, on the tub, and yes, even by the door. I could only imagine what the people next door thought. We were both so loud but we didn’t really care. We deserved this night together and we knew that we both owed this to each other. It only took one tube of an amazing product to bring us closer together, and the best part is that because it came in a tube, we could slather it on his penis any time. Unlike most medicines, this wasn’t a one-time deal.

We obviously didn’t make it to the diving adventure the next day. In fact, we hardly left the hotel at all. This was both our first time in Hawaii, but we didn’t even care. Yes, sex was THAT amazing! In fact, I think that we both lost weight from the trip because of all the exercise we were getting from the trip. Because we knew we owed it to ourselves to see more of Hawaii the next time around, we booked another vacation for Valentine’s Day, though I doubt if we would go out just as much.

Since we still had a good amount of Spanish Fly LOVE with us, Michael decided to splurge a bit and upgraded our seats to first class on the way back to New York. We had private cubicles and copious amounts of champagne on the flight back. But here’s the best part, when the cabin lights were dimmed and the passengers were already off to dreamland. Michael grabbed me by the hand and brought me to the bathroom. He had surreptitiously applied the gel and was as horny as ever. We had done it standing up, and this was even more exciting because we had to keep our voices down or risk getting kicked off from the flight in our future travels. Nonetheless, I can finally tell you that Michael and I are part of the so-called Mile High Club. We’ve done it on the plane and it was nothing short of amazing.

Nowadays, our sex life is back at its peak. We have our secret weapon in our arsenal and I can tell you right now that this had done wonders to our relationship. I am so glad that I did my research and was willing to get the help we needed. And Michael…let’s just say that he’s gotten his mojo back and feels more like the most virile man on earth. I couldn’t be happier because as long as we have the gel, our sex life is going to get better and better.

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