Lots of fun in our small apartment

It was my first year anniversary with Edward. We’ve been dating for a year and in all the time I’ve been with him, I’ve always known him to be wonderful. He’s sweet, thoughtful, kind, and most importantly, hardworking. However, there’s a flip side to dating a man who is very career-driven. Works gets to him, which is why I give him as much support as possible.

Edward has been stressed with work and as a result, has had problems getting an erection. He gets hard but once the sex gets too steamy, he can’t seem to maintain that erection. Honestly, we were both getting frustrated. However, as with all relationships, we knew we had to find a way to get over this so-called sexual slump. Whatever the case may be or however difficult things have been, we weren’t going to let anything stand in the way of a romantic night together. After all, celebrating a year together is a big deal. I needed sex. So did he! I brought candles, essential oils, and sex toys. Yes, we were going to have some fun in the sack tonight. That was that! No excuses!

As I lit the candles around the house, I already felt chills going up and down my spine. Edward was just as ready as I was. It’s a good thing that we had that one special weapon: Spanish Fly LOVE. Edward bought it online from and we knew it would work. After all, it worked for a lot of our friends. Plus, we did our research as well. We were going to make love and the sex was going to be mind blowing.

I did my reading too and I was planning to practice my new knowledge on Kama Sutra with my love. With two things on our arsenal tonight, nothing was going to go wrong.

I was already setting the mood in our little apartment when I heard Edward knock on the door. My heart started racing, but I stopped myself from running to the door and wrapping my legs around him. We could always make love on the floor, but that can be for the second round. The first act needed to have some romance in it.

“Honey? Alexis, you home,” Edward asked. He had the key but I can only assume that he wanted the excitement to build by taking his sweet time as well.

Well, two can play this game. So, I just called out from the bedroom. “Babe, just follow the cookie crumbs.”

I left articles of clothing on the floor and I swear I could hear both our heartbeats. He worked his way from the door to the hallway until he reached the bedroom. Slowly, he opened our door and saw me in the middle of the room with the sexiest bra and panty I could find from the store. It was an extravagant purchase but when I saw the look on his face, I knew it was worth every penny. The lace did its magic and this was already the start of more exciting things to come.

Before we could have our first kiss, I whipped out our secret weapon and slathered just a dollop of Spanish Fly on his shaft. I could hear Edward exhale loudly. He told me that it already felt good. The naughty girl in me wanted to enjoy its full effect and played some delaying tactics. I undid my underwear one ribbon at a time, slid it slowly down my legs to give him full access of a great view of my behind. Then, I took off my bra and flung it his way. He caught it with both hands and I started to see that mischievous sparkle in his eyes.

“Honey, I am so ready,” he exclaimed excitedly.

“Well, good things come to those who wait,” I teased back.

I knew Edward was ready. I could see his shaft burgeoning. I was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly he was turned on that I could also start to feel the tingling sensation between my legs.

I decided to play a little game and got a necktie from the drawer. I turned it into a blindfold and led him to the bed.

“Get ready to have the best night of your life,” I whispered in his ear.

“No, you get ready because, babe, I swear to you, it’s going to be a long night and I’m going to rock your world.”

I made him sip from the glass of red wine I placed on the side table and drizzled some on his chest. The sheets were going to get ruined but I didn’t care. It was all worth it. I licked Edward all over and touched him in the most erotic way. As my tongue and my hands traveled their way down his body, I felt so victorious. His erection became even harder. Then, I played our song and started to grind my hips against his.

I could hear Edward grunt the word yes with every move and just when I thought I had him where I wanted him to be, he tore the blindfold off and flipped me until I was on my back, trapped by his muscular shoulders with my hands held to the sides.

“Now it’s my turn to play,” he laughingly said. All I could do was give in to his demands. Edward started touching me in every erotic way possible. He took control and made me feel like such a woman. He surprised me with his stamina. He was no longer the man who’d come home extremely stressed from work. In fact, Edward was like a teenager. Horny as ever with nothing but sex on his mind. I loved seeing this and I promised myself that this wasn’t the last night I was going to enjoy this playful side of my boyfriend. We were going to worship each other’s bodies for as long as possible.

I’ve always enjoyed sex, but that night, Edward and I traveled to the stars and beyond. He took me to such great heights. Our libidos were at its speak and what turned me on the most was seeing him just as aroused and excited as I was. We had sex in every room of the house that night and in every possible position. I may have been the one with the knowledge on Kama Sutra but Edward outdid himself that night. He had tricks up his sleeve as well. And what fin tricks they were!

Between sex, we’d drink wine and talk about our day. But every time I’d giggle or slide my leg up his torso, Edward would once again get turned on. And yes, we’d have sex again. Romance was definitely back on the plate and though I felt a little sore between my legs the very next day, it was undoubtedly the most delicious kind of pain.

My lover was back and every night since then, he’s been pleasuring me. We definitely had help from our “secret weapon,” but more importantly, we’re now closer than ever and sex just gets better and better. I didn’t even think this was possible but just the thought of what we’ve been doing just makes me want to jump his bones right this very minute.

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