Sex Stories Contest

Wohoooo! We finally have the winners for our Erotic stories contest for the year of 2016. Every customer who ordered our Spanish Fly Love product can enter the competition. Rules are simple:

1. Write your own real or fictional erotic story, where our product should be involved
2. No real names, addresses or specific places
3. No extremely rude or inappropriate stories. We prefer romantic 🙂

Every customer who submits his or her story was already contacted by our team to pick up the prizes. Prize is the same for everyone: 3 bottles of our product for free + Secret BONUS!

These stories are super hot and we picked the best. Enjoy reading and don’t forget to say that our product played a big role in each every one of these stories 🙂


More than passion with my husband…

Lots of fun in our small apartment…

Michael has something special for me…