Relationship Warning Signs

Trust Gut Feelings

A person should never underestimate instincts. They are there for a reason, and are the best indicator of relationship warning signs. If things seem just fine on the outside, but there is still a nagging, gnawing feeling in the pit of the stomach screaming that something isn’t right, it probably isn’t.

If two people in love have been in a relationship for a long time, they are likely to be very tuned in to each other. Knowing when the other person is dealing with some kind of inner turmoil, even if he or she doesn’t show it on the outside, is easy when two people are close. Bringing it out into the open will allow the problem to be discussed properly, and both parties will feel better that it’s been talked about regardless of the outcome.

Couple Spending Less Time Together

If it seems like one person is avoiding the other, something is off. It’s fine for people to take time apart every once in a while without dating. In fact, it’s a good thing. Everyone needs a break. However, if the time apart is excessive, there is a problem.

Addressing the issue before it can get worse is the best route. If something needs to be said, it needs to be said without putting it off. The person doing the avoiding may want out of the relationship, but doesn’t know how to say it or is afraid of the confrontation.

Fighting Over Every Little Thing

Everyone occasionally has days when he or she is irritable and hard to deal with. No one is ever going to get along all the time. If it seems like two people cannot go for a single day without fighting and arguing, it’s bad news. Emotions that are probably being held inside need to come out. There may be things that need to be said that aren’t being said. Holding things in usually leads to irritability. Both people in the relationship will benefit from saying what they are truly feeling.

No Talk of Future Plans

If one partner in the relationship is reluctant to discuss future plans with the other partner, it may be because her or she isn’t sure the relationship will still exist at that time. Getting someone to commit to plans made two or three months ahead of time shouldn’t be a big deal if he or she is happy and thinks the twosome will still be a twosome in that amount of time.

If the other person won’t commit to something that has been arranged that far in advance and can’t offer up anything other than very vague reasons, it may be because he or she isn’t planning on sticking around. Not being able to commit to future events is one of the biggest relationship warning signs.

Don’t Panic Over Relationship Warning Signs

When a couple rarely spends time together, always have a reason to argue with each other, and can’t seem to commit to any future plans, something is definitely amiss. It’s not a good idea to keep the relationship in such a state. The couple in question should get everything out in the open and express how they feel so that a decision can be made regarding where the relationship is headed.

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