Personalised Romantic Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a special birthday, a romantic date or just a casual romantic occasion, trying to find the perfect gifts for loved ones can be a hard task to undertake and also time consuming. For some unique romantic gift ideas with a personal tough, read on and discover what gifts will touch hearts and produce some truly treasured moments.

Laser Engraved Crystal Gifts

Personalised Heart Clock – A great way to let the significant other know that every single moment spent with her is treasured is by offering her a personalised clock. Women love hearts. They are very romantic and symbolise love, so offering a heart-shaped clock that is of a decent size and having it engraved with a personal message, will make a very special present. Make sure that the message is clearly visible at the front of the clock so that it can serve as a reminder of the love shared, every time it is looked at.

3 Dimensional Cubes – Laser engraving techniques have added a whole new dimension to keepsake gift-giving. Images and texts engraved in crystal cubes never fade, so keep the magic alive by personalising gifts. Treasure special memories of a special date or moment with a loved one by having her favourite photograph embedded into a cube with 3-D effects.

Personalised Newspapers

Put loved ones in the spotlight by giving them a front page article on their favourite newspaper. Personalised newspapers are the best novelty gifts for boyfriends, husbands or any fanatics. They can easily be ordered online where the customer will be able to select the occasion, write her own title and subtitle – including the recipient’s name, choose an article from the selection of pre-set themed articles available and upload a picture to accompany the seemingly real article. There is also an option to select a newspaper title of choice from the list available at in-the-paper.

Personalised Half Mugs

These can be obtained from almost all online and high street stores that specialise in printing. They are a good symbol of love and show equality in a relationship. They can be given as gifts to demonstrate to the other half that nothing is done by half-measures in a relationship.

Why not get a complete set of half mugs to indulge in some half-full/half-empty moments, and show the loved one a new side to sharing on a quite romantic night in?

Engraved Trinket Boxes

Trinket boxes always make gorgeous gifts for someone who has got everything! And personalising them with the name of a loved one, a memorable date or year makes it particularly romantic and thoughtful. As they are typically feminine presents opt for a design that easily appeals to women, like flowers and butterflies. A star-shaped or heart-shaped trinket box also makes a really beautiful gift for that special someone to keep all of her charms and gems in.

Embroidered Teddy Bears

The saying “you’re never too old for anything” really comes into play when it comes to giving teddy bears as gifts. Teddy bears make adorable, perfect gifts for Valentine and other romantic occasions. They can be personalised by having a personal message, favourite quote or verse embroidered on their clothing or feet. Make someone feel really special by giving her a cute and cuddly bear on Valentine’s Day.

Other thoughtful and romantic gifts include Name a Star gift, where a star can be dedicated to a loved one and a certificate issued to authenticate the gift. If offering a music fanatic, romantic French music is a fantastic gift that a couple can listen to over a candlelit dinner for two or a romantic night in.

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