Natural Aphrodisiacs for Valentine’s Day

An aphrodisiac is anything that’s believed to enhance sexual desire. The name “aphrodisiac” is derived from the ancient Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Often people go on a quest to find drugs and unnatural sexual stimulants; but what they miss is that nature has provided plenty of natural aphrodisiacs in the form of vegetables, fruits, spices, herbs, scents and more. Why go looking for obscure untested sexual stimulants when they are probably in the kitchen or pantry already?

What are Natural Aphrodisiac Foods?

Natural aphrodisiac foods are those that are believed to possess either chemical or physical qualities to increase sex drive.

Natural aphrodisiac foods include plant aphrodisiacs like celery, fennel and asparagus; fruit aphrodisiacs such as fig, pomegranate, peach, avocado, and banana; and herb aphrodisiacs inclusive of garlic and ginseng. Other popular aphrodisiac foods are chocolate, oysters, tomatoes, chilies, seafood (especially the green liver of a lobster), wasabi, and caviar.

Whether certain foods actually have the ability to increase sexual desire, or not, is a point of debate. What matters more is what a person perceive. If someone believes that the shape of an asparagus or banana encourages intimate thoughts, then that may work as an aphrodisiac for them.

It’s important to note that the FDA has not claimed any scientific properties for these foods to increase sexual desire; rather the foods that are claimed to have aphrodisiacal properties are born either from tradition, rarity or their ability to increase testosterone – a hormone that improves sexual desire in both men and women.

What are Natural Aphrodisiac Scents?

Aromatherapy or the power of scents to evoke feeling is a powerful stimulant to use as an aphrodisiac. Men and women react to scents the same way they react to different foods; some smells are seductively attractive, while others can be major sexual turn-offs.

The most common scents that are also claimed to be aphrodisiacs are organic vanilla, musk, ginger, jasmine and patchouli. If any one of these scents turns a partner on and evokes sexual desire, go ahead and scent the room on Valentines Day (or at any other romantic time) with these intoxicating smells. Incense, scented candles and even spraying the air with a favorite perfume can do the trick.

To add to a romantic mood, any of the above aphrodisiacs can be combined with sensual music, a sensual massage (with or without essential oils) and a loving, attentive demeanor.

The theory is that while certain foods and scents typically evoke increased sexual desire, ultimately what works and what doesn’t is dependent on each individual’s preferences and sexual turn-ons. What’s an aphrodisiac for one may be repulsive to another (garlic anyone?). So take the time to understand a partner’s sexual stimulants and use them to full advantage combining a meal, scents, music, massages and any other aphrodisiac that works.

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