Long-Distance Relationships: Pros, Cons

long-distanceWhat if you met someone at a wedding or on a trip (business or personal) only to find out that the only thing that seemingly separates you is the geography? You live in one zip code; she lives in another. Would you let that factor alone dictate whether or not to take the relationship further?

Long-distance relationships have their own pros and cons. Obviously each situation is individual and must be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

Pro: You can build the foundation of the relationship on the phone or via e-mail without an undue emphasis on the physical and instead focus on the emotional friendship that is the foundation of a relationship.

Con: It can be very trying to sustain a relationship in the same zip code with busy work and life schedules, let alone in different time zones! Sometimes people decide they spend more time trying to find the time to get away and planning to see their significant other than they actually get to spend with them.

Pro: It’s less likely you’ll take each other for granted when face time is so infrequent. You’re excited about the chances you have to see each other and will optimize the time by coming up with fun, unique, and romantic things to do while together vs. hanging out on the couch all the time thinking, “Oh, he’s 15 minutes away and we can get together whenever.”

Con: The relationship likely can’t go on this way for an extremely long period of time so at some point, if you opt to be together, one person will likely have to move to become closer to the other. This may require sacrificing a job, friends, a home, and be willing to be uprooted – will you resent this?

I wouldn’t strictly rule someone out if they were perfect for me and they lived a thousand miles away. But beware, long-distance relationships, like all other types, have their own unique advantages and challenges to be considered!

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