How To Propose Marriage: The Right Way to Pop the Question

Marriage_ proposalA marriage proposal is a special event in a couple’s relationship. It’s one you both will remember fondly and even tell your friends, family, and children about for years to come. So what’s the best way to proceed? Here are some pointers on creating a proposal that’s sure to get a positive response.

Get a Ring

• If a marriage proposal is to be taken seriously, it’s best if there is something to signify the event. A ring makes the moment real. You can go ring shopping together and choose something you are both happy with in terms of price and style. However, if you want the proposal to be a surprise, you should get to know your fiancé’s tastes so you can choose something she will like.

Sometimes friends can be enormously helpful when it comes to finding out about your fiancé’s likes and dislikes. In any event, don’t be upset if after the proposal your fiancé wants to exchange the ring for something more suited to her tastes. Remember that she’ll be wearing the ring for many years to come, so make sure she’s happy with it. If you are stumped as to the type of ring to get but still want your proposal to be a surprise, give her something to signify the event anyways, like a piece of string, a prize from a candy machine, or a simple piece of costume jewelry.

That way you’ll still have something to slip on her hand when you ask the question, but she can be free to buy a ring of her choosing afterwards.

Be Serious

• The best proposals are the ones that mean something. Don’t “try out” a half-hearted attempt because you feel your beloved might say no. Don’t ask the question when you’ve been drinking or as part of “pillow talk” either. When it comes to a real proposal, the only way to do it is to look in your fiancé’s eyes and utter a heartfelt and serious desire for her hand in marriage.

Stage With Caution

• Proposals that come at professional sporting events, amusement parks, concerts, or the like are fine if both of you are into these types of events. Asking your beloved to marry you while at a baseball game, for example, can be a wonderful memory you both will relive each and every time you go to a game. However, if you aren’t really into these types of things, a proposal staged at such an event might seem a bit over the top, and only serve to overwhelm your intended. Choose a quiet, romantic location that will allow you the privacy and time to adjust to such a momentous event in both your lives. More ideas here!

What to Say

• You don’t have to be clever, witty, or quote Shakespeare in your proposal attempt. Being too coy or mysterious might confuse your beloved and frustrate you both in the process. The best bet is to speak from your heart. So give some thought as to the reasons you are in love with her and why you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Being specific can make the proposal all the more personal and special. A few heartfelt words to preface the question “Will you marry me?” will be appreciated and remembered.

After the Proposal

• If your partner doesn’t immediately respond with a resounding “yes!” when you ask the question, don’t become disheartened. After all, it may come as a complete surprise to her. She may need a moment (or even a few days) to process the information. Chances are, however, that she’ll immediately respond in the positive. Which means you should celebrate! Call your family and friends and let them know the happy news. Then, have a nice dinner where you both can look forward to your new life together.

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