Love in a Bite – Foods That Encourage Romance

Aphrodisiac foods were originally identified to boost fertility and sexual drive, and the foods listed provide the energy and stamina necessary for a night of passion and romance: As an added bonus, some of the foods considered to be aphrodisiacs titillate the senses because of their resemblance to the male or female genitalia. So, this Valentine’s Day, spark the passion between you and your loved one with these erotic and delicious foods.


In addition to the many health benefits associated with the almond, it has been a fertility symbol for hundreds, and it is believed to provoke passion in women. Sprinkle sliced almonds over a salad, bake salmon with toasted almonds or serve chocolate covered almonds with a glass of red wine.


Aniseed is a flavorful spice used in a wide variety of Indian cuisine, especially curries. Aniseed has several health benefits. It is an antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant. It is also a stimulant, and it helps to relieve gas and encourages the discharge of phlegm from the respiratory tract.

Cook a spicy Indian-inspired meal or head to a local Indian restaurant on February 14th. After dinner, freshen your breath with Mukhwa, which usually consists of a mix of aniseeds, fennel, coconut, and sesame seeds. Sucking on aniseeds is believed to increase sexual desire.


Bananas are both highly nutritious (they are rich in potassium and vitamins) and representative of the male sex organ. Make a banana split for dessert or, if you are feeling frisky, Bananas Foster.


Chocolate is both a stimulant and an antioxidant, and its silky, luxurious texture is sure to create a spark between you and your loved one. Serve a chocolate soufflé or dip strawberries in chocolate for dessert.


When cut in half, figs resemble the female sex organ. A man eating a fig in front of his lover is considered highly erotic.

To serve, purchase fresh figs that are deep purple in color and tender to the touch. Do not buy figs that are tough, squishy or unpleasant smelling. Wash the figs in cool water. Remove the stem, and then cut each fig in half. Figs can be eaten whole, so there is no need to remove the skin or the seeds.


Oysters are well known as an aphrodisiac. Not only are oysters high in protein, but they, too, resemble and symbolize female sexuality. Serve raw oysters on the half-shell with a glass of chilled white wine and a light salad.

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