Ecstatic Sex: Personal Experience

Tim’s Story

Tim was an attractive and athletic 35-year old man who had served as a Marine in the Iraq war and then went on to work as a fireman and then as a paramedic. In his life he had experienced two love relationships and a series of briefer interludes with girls and a variety of just sexual encounters. Though he was not unhappy with the state of his life, neither was he really satisfied. All that began to change when he was assigned an attractive female partner, Teresa, at his place of employment.

Tim Meets Teresa

Of course, Tim found her appealing, but two things stopped what might have been his initial impulse to “make a move” on her sexually. First, she was his partner and acting upon his sexual urges could greatly complicate their working relationship. Second, she was married, though she had no children. So, Tim backed off. Having done so he was then freed from sexual tension and began to just enjoy a platonic friendship with Teresa. As the months passed he enjoyed the laughter they shared, as well as a deepening respect for the way she performed on the job especially during highly stressful situations.

Tim Moves Beyond Junk Food Sex

Relating in this way surprised Tim. He was not accustomed to not simply carrying through on his sexual urges and just enjoying a woman at first. As more months passed, Teresa began to suffer from a mysterious illness that required her to pay special attention to her diet. Tim found that he enjoyed doing little things for her like making sure she ate her “healthy snacks” on a regular basis at work. He also discovered something surprising and shocking. Teresa was in a deeply unhappy marriage where she was chronically neglected by her husband. Three times when Teresa was rushed to the hospital due to her illness her husband either did not show up at all, or only came briefly to say hello to her before going home.

Tim Deepens His Bond of Intimacy and Love

It was hard for Tim to see someone he loved and respected suffering so much. As more months passed his love for Teresa grew, but again kept himself from acting upon any sexual urges. And, in time Teresa deepened her love for Tim, but did not yet have the physical or psychological strength to leave her husband. Still the two of them continued to interact at work, laughing, sharing, attending to each other in small and yet profound ways. They even found themselves increasingly able to read each others thoughts and joyfully looked forward to finding ways to serve and care for each other.

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Tim Breaks Through to a Whole New Level

As the next few months passed Tim reported that he was experiencing something with Teresa he had never encountered before. He said simply that for the first time ever he did not want Teresa as a wife, he wanted instead to be her husband. What he meant by this is he no longer viewed woman as a prop to compliment his life. He viewed himself as a loving servant of a woman. Not too long after this discovery, Tim and Teresa were working a late shift and almost without conscious intention they finally embraced each other and kissed. The kiss was electric and nothing like what they had ever experienced before. Despite this each fell embarrassed that they had crossed a boundary they had worked so hard for almost a year now not to trample over.

Tim and Teresa Experience Ecstatic Sex

More months passed and out of respect and love for each other they went back to being workmates and friends. Their ability to do this deepened their bond. And, then one day Teresa confessed to Tim that her husband, who had not been physical for some months, admitted to her he had been having an affair with another woman for a very long time and now wanted a divorce. Teresa was very hurt. One night she reached out to Tim and for the second time the two of them kissed. Then they lingered in a long embrace, wordlessly consoling and holding each other, both with their work uniforms on, boots and all!

While they embraced something incredible happened that they barely understood. There they were breathing together, holding each other, voiceless yet in a wordless deep communion and suddenly in a mutual spasmodic way both of them started to orgasm, not once, but numerous times. Throughout it all they simply held each other until they felt as if they had actually dissolved into a state of oneness together. As this faded they each felt an incredible warm and tingling sensation throughout their bodies and both related that it was as if their bodies had turned into light.

Tim and Teresa Today

In time Teresa made it through her divorce. Tim and Teresa married. Though they have never had the same unusually intense experience as they shared in that first magical encounter, each relates that their sexual experiences remain a quantum leap beyond anything they had ever known before. What do they believe to be the cause of their continued blissful sexual encounters? Both share they feel the deep love, caring, and respect they developed for each other over that first year of no sexual contact set the stage for a much deeper level of intimacy than they had ever allowed with a partner before. In short, they deeply love one another and find great joy in the fact that they are together. No wonder they regularly have ecstatic sex, something they wish all people could find and enjoy.

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