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How Money Can Damage Your Sex Life

When entering into a serious relationship, most of you will talk to your partner about children, your careers or your plans for the future. However, how many of you talk about your views on money? In a report, leading Australian bank Westpac found that almost half of couples argue over money. And, as more and […]

Avoid Making the Same Old Relationship Mistakes

Most people have heard the old joke about the doctor who sees a patient hitting himself in the head with a hammer. He asks the patient, “Why are you hitting yourself in the head with a hammer?” The patient replies, “Because it feels so good when I stop.” It may be a joke but, metaphorically, […]

6 Styles of Love: How Your Approach to Romance Contributes

These 6 styles of love affect your contribution to a healthy romantic relationship. Here’s how the eros, pragma, storge, agape, ludus, and mania styles of love affect you and your partner. 6 Styles of Love Eros Love. Eros lovers tend to emphasize romantic relationships, physical beauty, sexual desire, and physical attraction. Relationships based on eros […]

The Secret to the Best Sex Ever

People may be having more sex, using more sexual positions and props, and having more partners, but the quality of their sex life may actually be going dramatically down. How can this be? Because as many experts know “High Sex” or the greatest sex experiences require intimacy and love. How Intimacy Enhances Sex It’s simple! […]

The Five Most Common Aphrodisiacs

For thousands of years civilisations have been searching for ways to improve sexual desire and ability, turning to foods they had readily available. Spanish Fly, a powder made from ground beetles, was used as a powerful sexual stimulant but was later found to be highly toxic. Less dangerous (and more appetising) are products that can […]

Reasons People Have Sex: Physical, Emotional…

Reasons people have sex range don’t just include love, romance, and a yearning to be close to your partner. Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin discovered many more motives for intercourse, ranging from boredom to psychological manipulation. According to Science Daily, the researchers identified four major categories and 13 subcategories of reasons people […]

Handling Dating Teens’ Bad Choices

Puppy love may be what adults call it, but for teens first love can be incredibly intense. Hormonal surges, peer pressures, emerging adult mentality mixed with remaining childish habits are an intoxicating mix. Even if this is not their first crush, each subsequent love is likely to be clung to more tightly than the last […]

Natural Aphrodisiacs for Valentine’s Day

An aphrodisiac is anything that’s believed to enhance sexual desire. The name “aphrodisiac” is derived from the ancient Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Often people go on a quest to find drugs and unnatural sexual stimulants; but what they miss is that nature has provided plenty of natural aphrodisiacs in the form of vegetables, fruits, […]

How Your Sex Life Can Impact on Your Fertility

Clearblue, a company that make pregnancy tests and fertility monitors, discovered through a survey that two in every three British women don’t know that they can usually only get pregnant during ovulation, a period of two or three days each month. The chance of getting pregnant at other times in the month is less than […]

Five Methods for Playful Sex

Pretend. What a couple can pretend is only limited by their imaginations. As children they probably pretended all kinds of things. Now, they get to re-live those childhood fantasies to bring about exciting, romantic, and fun experiences into the bedroom. Perhaps one person wants to be the damsel in distress and the other wants to […]

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