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Spicing It Up Despite Stress, Fatigue, or Depression

Living like roommates isn’t nearly as fun or interesting as passionate love – nor is it healthy for intimate partners – but romance is often the first casualty in the war of life. Stress, arguments, and basic biology deflate spontaneous passion and romantic love…but you can win the war even if you’ve lost a battle […]

Relationship Advice – Happy Vs. Unhappy Couples

As a couple fall into a comfortable, long-term relationship they sometimes become careless about nurturing it and keeping the love alive. After the initial spark of infatuation wears off, problems such as money differences, religion, family differences and parenting may cause strife. Even some of the more insignificant matters can be a breaking point. Before […]

Phrases to Watch Out For in the Start of Any Relationship

When blinded by infatuation, we often fail to see the signs that signify the early stages of demise within the relationship. The following phrases used by your date should raise concern about their genuineness. While these phrases alone are by no means deal breakers, they should not be taken for granted, and in some cases, […]

Personalised Romantic Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a special birthday, a romantic date or just a casual romantic occasion, trying to find the perfect gifts for loved ones can be a hard task to undertake and also time consuming. For some unique romantic gift ideas with a personal tough, read on and discover what gifts will touch hearts […]

Making Long-Term Relationships Last: Six Tips

Being single, while liberating and interesting, tends to get boring after a while. From all-night pizza and movie marathons to those slightly lonely walks, single life is not exactly riddled with comforts and fun. Part of living an enjoyable life is having someone to share it with. And, to have a great long-term connection, people […]

Help a Man Lower His Defenses

The number one complaint many women have against men is that they are “closed” to women and act defensively in their company. How, then, does a woman get her partner to be less defensive and more able to express his emotions? An answer has been provided by Kara Oh, in her book Men Made Easy: […]

Love and Passion in Feng Shui

It has been told to us by many famous people that you can’t fail at something you are passionate about. The key, we are told, is perseverance. Things may not change overnight but by keeping energy up, spirits high and sticking to a plan of action, your Intentions of what you wish to create will […]

How to End The Relationship With Your Lover

Breaking up may be difficult for some people, but others have found comfortable ways to start a new life without their ex’s. Do What’s Comfortable When Breaking up In most instances how to break up successfully depends on which method is most comfortable. Some people write letters, others meet in public places to end it, […]

Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship

Relationships are complicated regardless of the circumstances. The added issue of distance can put a strain on even the strongest couple. When couples live in different cities, states or countries than each other, it takes a great deal of commitment and planning to maintain intimacy through distance. With lots of effort and planning, a long-distance […]

How to Detect if a Relationship is in Trouble

Sometimes people ignore the warning signs indicating that a partnership is heading for trouble and are then surprised when they find themselves in a big argument or are headed for separation or divorce. Just as a garden needs constant weeding, watering and nurturing, so does a relationship need to be worked for, and nourished with […]

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