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Long-Distance Relationships: Will you appreciate each other and your friendship more or resent the sacrifices you need to make to be together?

What if you met someone at a wedding or on a trip (business or personal) only to find out that the only thing that seemingly separates you is the geography? You live in one zip code; she lives in another. Would you let that factor alone dictate whether or not to take the relationship further? […]

Michael has something special for me

Does sex make or break a relationship? If you asked me that question years ago, I would probably have given a different answer. Now, being with Michael, I sing a different tune. My answer would be a loud, resounding yes. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’d give up easily. I love my man and I […]

Lots of fun in our small apartment

It was my first year anniversary with Edward. We’ve been dating for a year and in all the time I’ve been with him, I’ve always known him to be wonderful. He’s sweet, thoughtful, kind, and most importantly, hardworking. However, there’s a flip side to dating a man who is very career-driven. Works gets to him, […]

More than passion with my husband…

Everyone craves for passion. This comes at the start of every relationship. When I first met my husband (no names mentioned), we couldn’t stand to be apart for too long. When we were together, the first kiss set it off. We could barely keep our hands to ourselves. It’s as if there was this magnet […]